Najma Hush is PhotoGiraffe Live

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Please, call me Najma.  

I’m a Poet and Photographer: therefore I am no ordinary photographer, I am ‘A Poetographer’.


 I used to work as a Project Coordinator and a Project Manager for two different Graphic Design/Branding Solutions Companies; but significantly, after having graduated with a Master of Media and Creative Arts, I lived, worked and traveled in Asia, North Africa and around the Middle East for three years.   Currently I’m living in my home town, Birmingham, where I was bred, but I can still travel just about anywhere.


PORTRAITS:  My clients include members of the general public as well as parents of young children and babies.  I also specialise in working with performing artists such as dancers, musician, and actors.

FASHION & BEAUTY:   I work collaboratively with models  stylists, makeup artists and fashion designers on portfolio development and commercial campaigns.  Sometimes I work with little input on the overall concept, but quite often I have created themes and have styled the entire shoot right down to  arranging the location and creating the story board.

EVENTS:   Includes weddings/parties, product launches, live performance shows and various corporate and creative functions.  I document all the actions and proceedings of that special time in a prestige editorial fashion, so that you have a record to tell the spectacular tale of how your special event unfolded.

FINE ART:   Having a keen interest in the world around me, my non-commercial work varies between, People, Landscape/Nature Cityscape, Street Photography, Still Life, Abstract to Experimental.   I also combine my digital photography with some of the poetry I write which I call, Poetography.  Currently I am working towards exhibiting and selling my art work.  Some of which you can view here in the gallery under Fine Art, there is also a lot to view on Flickr , Facebook  and so much more I’m constantly working on.   I usually post the Poetography  on my blog Phosphorescence1001.  In addition to this I also work at schools as a free-lance artist.  Currently I am working on a project with vulnerable children using a combined photography and creative writing workshop to help them express their emotions.


The philosophy employed at PhotoGiraffe is emphatic on ‘Emotional Intelligence’, because emotions connected with people; places and events are deeper and more priceless than a plastic smile that can still hide a great deal of emotion and raw beauty. Therefore an emotional connection between the photographer and client is far more important than pointing a camera and asking people to smile.  That’s why PhotoGiraffe’s photography is about emotional intelligence, an ability to relate to people, to take photographs that speak folds, telling a unique story with every shot.

That’s why poets with cameras make Poetographers, because every photograph taken by PhotoGiraffe is raw, full of depth and has a strong significance for the Photographer.



I consider the work I produce to be priceless.  What gives me satisfaction is when I see my clients faces light up when they see the results from the shoot.  I love that moment and of course the compliments I receive for the work I do for you makes me go that extra mile.  That’s why money is not as important to me as your satisfaction in the work I produce.  In fact, my prices are very competitive.   I have packages that you can choose from, but mostly I cater for your needs and often create a bespoke package that is suitable for my customers, because every client’s needs are different.  So if you would like a quote contact me with your specific needs and I can work out a cost for you or I can send you a copy of my pricelist if you like?

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